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John S

Welcome To My Work

Thank You For Viewing My Work: Through The Lens Images And Photos By John Spigelmyer


I am a native of the Washington,DC, area. I am an award winning freelance photographer. I started photography in 2008 when i purchased my first DSLR camera. I read, studied, and practiced photography. I now want to showcase my work for everyone. I hope that you enjoy my work. Please feel free to leave feedback on my work. It will be greatly appreciated. So Thank You again for stopping by and thank you for viewing.

My images make the perfect gift for that special someone, or that special occassion. I have many forms to chose from...mugs,prints,phone cases,and t-shirts to name a few.
I hope that you find what your looking for here at my web-site.
Thank You for stopping by my web-site.


Kenilworth 2015 Number 4 by John S


Kenilworth 2015 Number 2 by John S


Kenilworth 2015 by John S


Memorial Day 2015 by John S


Let The Light Shine by John S


Street Bikes by John S


Biker Bells by John S


Bird On My Head by John S


Sunlight Flower by John S


My Biggest Fan by John S


Chained Beauty by John S


Details In Yellow and White by John S


DuPont Circle In Washington DC by John S


Life In The Bike Lane by John S


Give Peace A Chance by John S


Wagon Wheel by John S


Sweet Flowers by John S


Mirror Mirror by John S


Thank A Vet by John S


Prayer Candles by John S


Attention Shoppers...LOL by John S


Cash Only Please....LOL by John S


Pencils Pencils Everywhere Pencils Get The Point...LOL by John S


Flowers Against The Wall by John S


Details In Pink by John S


Hail Mary Full of Grace...Amen by John S


Outstanding In My Field...LOL by John S


Shattered Glass In Color by John S


Flower Selfie by John S


Hello Sunshine by John S


School Buses by John S


Light On The Lotus by John S


Bike Rack Black and White Version by John S


Virginia Apples by John S


Winter Wonder Land by John S


Arlington Cemetery In Fall by John S


Winter In Arlington National Cemetery by John S


Farm Fresh Anyone by John S


Snow Trees On The Trail by John S


Biking The City by John S


Fire Chief Pump by John S


Red Hot by John S


Inside The Natural History Museum by John S


Looking Something Up by John S


Bike Share Tires by John S


All Are Welcome by John S


Arch Ways At Union Station by John S


Luke 1 Verse 30 to 33 by John S